Thursday, 18 July 2013

Well that was emotional.

Had what I hoped to be the final destruction test today, which I've been a little nervous about as I need to sign off on the thing being able to take 100km wind so as to let the Nelson Environment Center know I'm able to go ahead with the first construction workshop, and they need at least a month's notice.

She peaked at 105k, backed off and held 100 for maybe ten seconds, and then catastrophically failed all over the road and very nearly took out a kid on a bike.
You can just make him out at the top left of the debris field photographed below.

So, success!

I'll of course be posting the video soon, but cursory examination has it looking very much like what gave is the bolts, or rather the alu around them, which connect the vanes to the wheel rim. Which is by far the best thing to have failed, as it's the easiest bit to make stronger.


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