Thursday, 10 March 2011

Well, the main news is that the device now works and is happily tracking the sun as we speak. I still have to complete the reset mechanism and heat tank, but these are (touch wood) vastly less involved than the tracking system and collector and will be lashed together when I'm back in New Zealand next month. I'm aiming to give my first free workshop somewhere in Golden Bay, maybe around the end of April.

Video evidence!!

Should point out that the wobbliness is not due to tracking error; the gearing is currently set a bit looser than it needs to be, and the wind messes with it. Easily fixable.

In other news, the Facebook page is changing over to a group, and can be found here:!/home.php?sk=group_184038684971498&ap=1

Feel free to pop in.
Also, will hopefully be up and functional in the near future.