Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm a bad blogger. Six months and no updates...
The blog is, however, the only part of the project I've been seriously neglecting. In fact there's so many developments to report I'm going to have to do it via bullet list:

  • Spent a month in Spain with another guy from Open Source Ecology Europe, Chris, on the property in Extremadura setting the place up as a free project and permaculture space. Posted details and updates here:
  • There you can also find details of our first free skillshare summer camp, starting August 4th.
  • Returned to Edinburgh in March to chill out a bit, see the people I love, and recharge after two years solid work on this thing.
  • Started conceptualising a handful new bits of tech, including a non-electrical refrigerator/freezer/water generator/dehumidifier, an ultra simple steam engine for electrical production from any heat source (including solar), a magnetohydrodynamic generator, liquid lens, lattice polytunnel, improvements to the temperature regulation system, and if there was more I probably should've written them down.
    Details somewhere, eventually.
  • Am heading to Switzerland Tuesday to help out on a 30 square meter open source solar concentrator; the Solarfire.
  • Continuing to liaise with the Finnish open source resource management and search engine;
  • And most importantly: started in on finishing the SolarFlower tutorials and website.
The website is now up and reasonably functional:
And the first tutorial, the Box Collector, is finished (!), with the other five pretty close.

All this is still in beta, so if you feel like being handy, have a look and tell all the basic factual and grammatical errors I've made.

Stay tuned.