Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just a quick update so yall know what's up. I've been in Ireland, wwoofing on a farm in county Cork last couple weeks while the construction tutorials continue to render and I get my breath back from the last two years' work hanging out with some much beloved friends from Edinburgh. On the 13th I'm back over to Germany, either Leipzig or the place I was last year in Saxony Anhalt to spend not more than a little time playing round with a couple ideas I want to test the overall viability of. Namely a very simple dehumidifier (Irish houses are staggeringly badly built) and more importantly a liquid piston magnetohydrodynamic steam generator (I've been practicing saying that) for use with the solarflower. That one's going to be of extreme interest if it works out, but I'm only looking for a proof of concept at this stage.
Then I think I might bounce round Europe for a couple months checking out what's happening and what innovation and generally cool goings on are going on. Maybe pitch in on some projects of others' if I find something interesting.

But the next big step is the tutorials, and they're pretty close to done now, my little netbook is doing a surprisingly admirable job with the rendering. You'll know when they're up; I'll be spamming the internet.



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