Friday, 27 May 2011

IndieGoGo is go!

The crowdfunding project is now live, and can be found here:

The aim is to raise €2000 by the first of July to cover any and all costs of the festival trip. There will also be a €100 salary per participant, for the duration.

So just to sum up: if you want, you can join us touring a bunch of festivals and communities, building and supporting the Solarflower project and other interesting stuff, it will all be completely free, and you be paid for your time.

If you are psychologically capable of perceiving anything more awesome, or have something better to do with your time, I envy you.

An important note about the crowdfunding thing; if we don't reach the target I'll be making up any shortfall from the Solarflower kitty, which is my pocket. This is so that you can rest assured that this trip is definitely happening, regardless. (But doing so will eat in to my funds and probably cut short The Solarflower World Tour, after I leave Europe.)

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