Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Unnecessary distractions 2: The Spoon Fork.

In Malaga my wallet was stolen at a market where I was wanting to, interestingly, buy a new wallet. (But then couldn't because I no longer had any money).

They made off with €50 and a couple of cards, but what I missed the most was a little folding plastic spoon I'd got with an icecream in Australia.

How one is meant to travel without a spoon remains unclear.

So, finally, I got around to making myself a replacement. Hence:

the spoon fork.

(Not a spork!)


  1. Saw this at instructables. Nice! Now you need to do... a spoon fork instructable!

  2. Not quite instructible worthy, you just cut two utensils in half and rivet them back together.
    Handy little thing tho..

  3. Ah, a rivet. That tells us what we need to know.

    I was given a titanium spork a while back, and I've thought about just wearing it around my neck :-)

  4. The only thing extra I'd recommend is maybe a square of rubber between the two, so it doesn't wobble quite so much.

  5. This is really great! I was just thinking about doing something similar to this, and I thought about using rivets, but my belief in the superiority of nuts and bolts (probably caused by my lack of a riveter) killed that idea. I like the fork/knife part a lot!