Thursday, 19 August 2010

I've had an interesting realisation.

At no point have I known for sure that what I'm trying to make here will actually succeed. From the start of all this, over a year ago, I would always end sentences on the matter with 'if the thing works', and then laugh nervously.

But it didn't work.
The first three or four basic designs for the solarflower simply didn't function, as it turns out, and it's current form is almost entirely unrelated to them. For the first nine or so months of this project I was pursuing designs which were doomed to failure; my most feared scenario set to transpire over and over again.

And yet it's taken me this long to even notice.
The design doesn't matter.
Only the function, and the consequence.
I've seen so many mechanisms and systems pass through this thing, some of them beautiful, only to be discarded or consumed. It's a good thing. It's evolutionary.
Every death signifies an improvement, an approachment on purity of function through form.

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